Success Stories

What our clients have to say about Blissful Breadwinner

"This program has changed my life! I never imagined what was possible in such a short time" - Nicole

Emily's Story

Emily used to say 'yes' to everything, whether it was more work, looking after the house or putting everyone else first. It's no wonder she felt like she was drowning in quicksand at home and work and despite trying everything felt paralysed and burnt out. Fast forward 8 weeks and her life has changed completely! She's calm, in control and empowered to build the most exciting future.

Jennifer's Story

Juggling a stressful job as SVP of HR, a toddler and husband, Jennifer didn't feel like she was doing well in any part of her life. Once her boss pulled her aside and told her she wasn't ok, she decided something had to change. Watch this video where she shares the simple tactic that dissolved her crippling mum guilt, the remarkable turnaround in her health that her doctor couldn't believe and what her colleagues have noticed most about how she's now showing up.

Alex's Story

Alex was always ambitious but motherhood forced her to shift her priorities so her career took a backseat to the family in the belief she couldn't have both. With her kids getting older, it was time for Alex to stop playing small, get the confidence to lean into her job, to finally put her hand up and see what is possible when you discover the real potential that lies within. She's now living proof that it's never too late to become unstoppable. 

"If you are a working woman and value your longterm happiness, this is the best investment you will make. It's a unique program that you will actually enjoy the learning component as it is so relatable and you will connect with other working women who share similar work and life struggles.

It is impossible not to see remarkable incremental change if you apply yourself and trust the process. It is not preaching, but laced with intriguing logical neurological facts and full of practical take home strategies. It is a true value for money investment."

- Claire

Wendy's Story

Wendy was a loyal member of the Friday night wine club as a way to cope with the overwhelm that was so severe it was giving her heart palpitations. She explains the key breakthroughs that have stopped her feeling stuck at work, have given her the confidence to take a huge next step and how she's dropped the mum guilt, constant negative self-talk and is finally looking after her own emotional wellbeing.

Nicole's Story

Nicole was working full-time, doing her PhD and raising teenagers yet felt lost and like life was ruled by resentment. She'd tried every leadership and coaching program out there but nothing helped her be her best at work and at home. Nicole shares where she is today, how her life has been changed for the better and why she's now hopeful for the future.

Maya's Story

On the surface Maya looked like she had it all. A business that was booming, a good husband, two gorgous girls... and yet underneath she knew she just wasn't happy. She was so full of anger and resentment that she couldn't even put her kids to bed! Watch this video to learn how drastically Maya's life has changed and the exact strategies that have helped her ditch the tears, become calm and finally say she's happy.

"Truly a simple but not easy program where courage is taking the first step.  A place where you 'get to', not 'have to' find a tribe.  A place to ignite or reignite your purpose, find alignment for the whole of your life and level up to who you want to be."
- Fran

Sian's Story

As a Doctor with two teenagers, Sian was working crazy hours trying to juggle a job in a clinic with growing her own practice in aged care. On top of being exhausted, she wasn't looking after herself and her health was starting to seriously suffer. Watch this video where Sian shares how her chronic pain has now evaporated, how she's doubled her business while fitting in the gym 4 days per week and how she's handled a recent crisis in a completely different way.

Karen's Story

Karen loved working and yet despite trying so hard, felt life at home and work was full of tension. She didn't know how to fit in quality time with her kids, nor how to meet her own exceptionally high expectations. Fast forward a few months, and Karen finally achieved peace. She'd redefined success and was even able to look herself in the mirror and say nice things. Watch this video to hear Karen's amazing story.

Eliana's Story

As Eliana approached 40 she realised it wasn't sustainable to try and hold down big jobs and be a present parent to her 2 young boys. So like many women, she took a career break, only to discover that wasn't the answer either. Watch this video to hear how Eliana built much stronger foundations across all areas of her life and by following a structured process, worked out what she stands for and what was really  holding her back. Most importantly, she explains how she's finally ok with being herself.

"As a coach Jo is remarkable. She has a rare ability to properly listen, unpack what you’ve told her, make sense of it and pinpoint exactly the blockages that are holding you back.

I consider myself to have a high level of self awareness, but her insight into my mode of operating was eye-opening. It allowed me to understand the cognitive dissonance I had been experiencing and to make informed choices about how to move forward.

Jo doesn’t tell you what to do; she reflects, guides and encourages. After just one session, I felt empowered, confident and equiped with new skills. Highly recommend!"
- Caroline