The Four Shifts High Achieving Women Make to Create Work/Life Balance

(without burning out)


You can have work/life balance!

Are you sick of being overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted? Are you doing it all, instead of having it all? There is another way!

Watch this free 30min training to discover:

  • The exact steps you need to take to create balance between your demanding job and family, without burning out
  • How to stop being so busy and reclaim 5-10 hours per week
  • The alternative to being the workhorse that allows you to work less, earn more and get better results
  • How to overcome self-doubt, say no and build unshakable confidence, so you feel successful at home and work
  • The real way women like us find true joy and make lasting change



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About Jo Stone

Jo is blessed to coach ambitious women looking to build a successful career without sacrificing their family or burning out.

Jo's had a long career as a senior executive in the corporate world working in multinational organisations and managing large teams across Asia Pacific. She's always been the breadwinner for her Sydney-based family, including two girls aged 10 and 7, and knows the juggle is real!