4 Shifts Female Breadwinners Use to Create Work/Life Balance 

(without stepping back, sacrificing their family or burning out)


In this 30min masterclass you'll discover...

Why you don't need to choose between having a successful career and being a great mum and the exact shifts that bring you balance

How to build confidence, take back control of your career and be paid more for making things happen instead of getting them done

Why all the effort put into books, podcasts and leadership programs never brings lasting change and the alternative that will deliver real results

The simple strategy that allows you to focus, get more done and live up to your own high standards at home and work

How to reclaim 5-10 lost hours each week to spend with the kids or catch up on much-needed sleep, without feeling guilty 

Why you're not crazy or the only one who feels this way and a peaceful life where you can have it all is possible for a woman like you

Meet Jo Stone

Jo enjoyed a long career as a senior executive in the corporate world managing large teams across Asia Pacific, before launching her coaching and consulting business.

She's always been the breadwinner for her family and with hubby and girls aged 6 and 10, knows the juggle is real. Jo has seen first hand the challenges of living a life that bucks social convention and today is blessed to coach ambitious women looking to build a successful career without sacrificing their family or burning out. 



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