Stuff the silver bullet... is 1% enough?

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2020

“Get that bum down Jo” were the words screamed across a suburban park.

An aptly timed message from my personal trainer who was reminding me that despite my otherwise perfect plank form - elbows at 90 degrees, shoulders back, legs straight, feet together - my bum was too close to the sky.

So, as you do when a trainer gives you a command, you duly obey and tweak your position by 1%.

It doesn’t look like much, but if you’ve ever needed to adjust your plank you’ll know that your abs completely engage and the pain goes up by 50%! In theory this means you’re on your way to a flatter stomach but the jury's out on that one for me!

In any case, it got me thinking that there are many other areas of our life where a seemingly innocent 1% shift can have a massive difference. Perhaps instead of all looking for silver bullets we should be embracing tiny tweaks to our lives?

Did you know that if you were to make yourself better every day for a year, you'll be 37x better by the end. 37x better! That's not just a little bit better…. That's HUGE!

Just like with your credit card interest, that 1% each day compounds for far greater benefit than you could ever imagine.

1% is doable.

We can fit that in.

We can find time.

It doesn't have to be another thing on the list to be done. 

That's just 15mins of an entire day doing/thinking or saying something different.

What if you were able to reframe your success to be not about finding the rainbow unicorn of 'balance' that many of us are striving for, but instead be focused on the daily habits and choices you make? Wouldn't that make for a better headspace? A better way to spend this journey of life?

The key with your 1% shifts, is working out exactly which bit needs tweaking. With my plank, if I'd have moved my arm out to the right, or put my feet together, it would have made it feel different, but not the same as getting my butt down.

That's what a mentor does for you. Shows you exactly which 1% you should be focusing on for you… and then giving you the tools you need to unleash for your 15mins a day.

So what's your 1% tweak going to be? In what area of your life could you do a with 37x improvement?

As for me… I'll be working on my plank and dreaming that one day my abs might resemble J.Lo's. I know…. keep dreaming right!


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