Done is better than perfect

Uncategorized Apr 29, 2020

For at least the last 10 years, I've been saying one mantra over and over again, so much so that it's become a part of who I am and has literally changed my life.

Done is better than perfect.

This isn't revolutionary, but I'm sharing this with you because it's a mantra and belief I've tried to infect many others with, yet they resist it like the plague.

Why are we so obsessed with being perfectionists?

As if dealing with a messy house (that no one sees) is more important than quality time with the family when we come home…

Or the belief that no one else can do 'x' as good as you when you really know with some coaching they probably could…

The fear that we've got to be a living, breathing 'insta' family including children who always look neat and tidy.

The belief that our pitch to a manager about a new idea has to be perfect with every i dotted and every t crossed before we can even raise it.

As someone who used to be afflicted with this disease, I can say that adopting this mantra and kicking the perfection once and for all has made a huge difference!

I remember vividly when I was on maternity leave, I felt like I could finally get the house to some unknown high standard of cleanliness and would only ever 'sit down' when everything was done.

You know how this goes right?

It was never done, I never sat down, and I almost burnt myself out when I was meant to be taking care of myself.

A long career in marketing had helped reinforce my inbuilt perfectionistic tendencies, but eventually I decided that enough was enough!

I made the conscious decision to adopt this mantra.

I started noticing how fast I got to 80% of something, whether that be at home or work, and how little difference the last 20% actually made to the outcome.

And then I stopped at 85%.

What happened?

I got SOOOOO much more done! I wasn't as stressed and I definitely lightened up around the house.

I want you to say it with me now…

"done is better than perfect!"

And again...

"done is better than perfect!"

So here's what I want you to do.

The next time you find yourself at 80%, consider it done. Walk away and move onto the next thing on your list. It will give you heart palpitations at first, but I promise it will get easier in time.



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