5 Shifts Ambitious Women Make to Create Work/Life Balance  

(without stepping back or burning out!)



We're going to show you...

  • The exact steps you need to take to balance your demanding career with a happy family, without burning out
  • How to manage stress, say no and build boundaries at work, without damaging your reputation or letting people down
  • The secret to taming your perfectionist and becoming more focused and productive
  • How to let go of the constant guilt, so you can switch off your thoughts and be present at home
  • AND how to do all this while finding calm, feeling back in control of your life and able to enjoy everything you've worked so hard for

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Jo Stone

Jo is blessed to coach ambitious women looking to build a successful career without sacrificing their family or burning out.

She has had a long career as a senior executive in the corporate world managing large teams across Asia Pacific. Jo's always been the breadwinner for her family, including two girls aged 11 and 8, and knows the juggle is real!